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The four most harmful acts of ovary in life

01 Women who never exercise, the age of menopause is early; the more they suffer from passive smoking, the longer they are, the earlier the menopause. Women who lose weight are also prone to premature ovarian failure, because a considerable part of estrogen is stored in adipose tissue. Excessive weight loss
02 Excessive psychological stress caused by the accelerated pace of life will lead to early symptoms of negative menopause in women. According to a questionnaire survey, 27% of white-collar workers in 30 years of age have different degrees of negative menopause.
03 Before the age of 40, the bilateral or one-sided ovary can be removed, which can cause premature ovarian failure due to the loss of tissue function. In the past, it was thought that after the removal of one ovary, the contralateral ovary could maintain normal secretion function. In recent years, it was found that one side of the ovary
04 In women with autoimmune diseases, problems with immune mechanisms in the body, such as rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid diseases, often cause the body's immune system to mistakenly destroy and destroy germ cells in ovarian tissue as foreign objects.