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Woman kidney deficiency is easy to appear 7 symptoms Chinese medicine conditioning one by one repel

01 dark circles. The main water of the kidney, the main black, once the dark circles appear, it means kidney deficiency, the kidney is weak, the body's water metabolism is unfavorable, easy to cause edema, usually the most prominent eyelids. Medication guidance: Jinqi Shenqi Pill, Jisheng Kidney
02 Insomnia. Easy to get irritated, difficult to concentrate, and often insomnia, more dreams. Medication guidance: Anshenbu brain tablets have kidney and brain function, suitable for insomnia, forgetfulness, dizziness and other symptoms caused by kidney deficiency; nourishing Anshen pills
03 Hair loss. Chinese medicine believes that \"the kidney is the main water, its Hua is in the hair\
04 Fear of cold. Kidney yang is the foundation of the whole body yang, life activities rely on yang qi, such as lack of kidney yang, can not warm the body, it will appear cold. Medication guidance: Jinshen Shenqi Pill, Yougui Pill is warm
05 fat. Few people will associate obesity with kidney deficiency, but in fact, one of the chief culprit of weight gain is kidney deficiency. Chinese medicine believes that obesity is mainly caused by phlegm, dampness, and stagnation, and kidney yang is the cause of paralysis.
06 Menopause is advanced. Generally, women have menopause around 45-50 years old, while women with kidney deficiency will show early menopause, low sexual desire, irritability, anxiety, suspicious and other menopausal symptoms. Medication guidance: Liuwei Dihuang Wan can effectively improve or reduce hot flashes
07 Infertility. Chinese medicine believes that \"kidney essence\