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5 strokes have a good bowel

Intestinal health, people are not old. The intestines are in the human body, responsible for digestion, absorption and excretion. Every day, we must work hard, digest the food that is eaten into the body into nutrients that can be absorbed by various organs and cells, and then transport it to the whole body through the blood.
After getting up in the morning, drinking 250cc of warm water to wake up the intestines and clearing the intestines can promote intestinal peristalsis. If the water is insufficient, it will cause constipation. If you drink water before eating in the morning, the function of the gastrointestinal operation will be faster than usual. When the water is transported to the large intestine,
1 day drinking 2000cc water metabolism is smooth away from constipation. The body is made of water. However, drinking water is a common problem of modern people. Some people do not drink water because they do not like to run the bathroom frequently, and even use the method of sputum to lower the toilet.
Drink less ice water, sugary ice drink to reduce the risk of diarrhea. Modern people drink ice water has become commonplace, especially in the hot summer days, often drink ice water, sugary drinks, thought to be able to dissipate heat, do not know, this is a chronic health killer. Once