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How to do mental stress at the end of the year?

01 Suggesting the best timing for stipulations, consciously using words, movements, memories, imaginations, and various objects in the surrounding environment to positively suggest yourself, can eliminate negative emotions, slow down psychological tension, and keep the mind calm and happy.
02 The fixed environment of the change of law will gradually lose interest, and then cause some psychological problems. Appropriately changing the environment can stimulate people's self-confidence and enterprising spirit. If you travel to a distant place, you can transfer energy, pinpoint emotions, and solve problems.
03 Contextual Law This is a psychologically reasonable response in the psychological defense mechanism. The ancients said: “With the peace of mind.” Faced with various negative life events such as life and death, natural disasters and man-made disasters, treat them with an easy-going heart.
04 The catharsis psychologist believes that catharsis is a normal psychological and physiological need of human beings. You may wish to talk to your friends when you are depressed or depressed; you can also do a sport you like; or shout in the open field, both
05 kinds of green plants can plant green plants regardless of paper boxes or beverage bottles. Raising flowers and raising grass can shift people's attention away from stress. Some scientists let heart patients participate in horticultural classes, and the patient's heart rate
06 Appreciate the scenery and leave the busy city streets and walk on the tree-lined suburban roads. Studies have shown that if there are green plants on the road, the frustration and anger caused by traffic congestion can be alleviated.