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How to make yourself confident

01 Take the mirror three times a day in the morning, decorate the instrument in the mirror, arrange the dress, and make sure that your appearance is at its best. After lunch, take another look at the mirror, decorate yourself, keep it tidy. At night, wash your face before going to bed.
02 Be honest, don't know how to understand the things you don't know or don't know. This will not only damage your image, but also give you a feeling of honesty and credibility; you must be brave in the achievements and charms of others.
03 I want to understand why there are many reasons for not being confident and not confident. Some are frustrated and frustrated when I was young; some family relationships are incomplete; some are not recognized by parents and people for a long time; some are not capable, and everything is not done, erosion
04 Most people like the audience. Therefore, when someone is speaking, you don't have to use the humorous words to gain the goodwill of others. If you listen carefully to other people's speeches, they will love you.
05 Pay attention to your own advantages. Put down ten advantages on paper. No matter which aspect (careful, good-looking, etc., more and better), when you are engaged in various activities, think about these advantages and tell yourself what advantages you have.
06 Accepting imperfect self No one is perfect, has different troubles, some people have acne, some people have big noses, some people have bad teeth, etc., but this does not affect your ability.