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What should children do if they have a tendency to violence?

01 Children who lack love are easy to go. The way parents are educated has a subtle influence on children. There is no doubt that the way parents treat children is a sample of how children treat other people. Children who lack love are prone to extremes. In the family, if
02 Imitation is the main reason for children's violent tendencies. Experts pointed out: “No child is born to be tyrannical. Imitation is one of the most important causes of their violent tendencies. It is negatively affected by the exaggerated violence and description of TV and internet.
03 Parents should be good examples. Parents must first set an example and do not need to solve problems violently; create a relaxed, harmonious, loving and warm family atmosphere; guide children to choose a scientific way to vent their emotions. More importantly, parents
04 Parents should communicate with their children to instill positive energy. The most important way is to have close contact with the child, observe carefully, participate in the child's feeding, games, education and children's social interaction, so as to find out the child's abnormal behavior in time, so as to correct it.
05 Words and precepts The social education of children should often pass on the customary norms recognized by the society through storytelling and specific communication events, and cultivate children's values. Let the children understand that if they hurt others, they will not get the friendship of children.
06 Frequently set the situation for your child to satisfy his curiosity and imagination. He often communicates with children in various games, such as telling stories, doing manual work, playing intellectual games, etc. Use the wisdom of adults to extract the intelligence of children - often bring