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8 ways to help children get out of inferiority

01 Children who change their psychological self-esteem in the image method usually have the characteristics of talking and voicing, walking and cringing. You can change their mentality by starting from the volume of the speech and the posture of walking.
02 Language Suggestion Positive language can make people have positive emotions and change negative attitudes, so parents can consciously use their language like “you are smart” and “you must do it” to encourage your child, or let the children go to school every day.
03 Rehearsal Victory Whenever a child encounters difficulties and dares not accept a challenge, they are asked to imagine the victory in their minds when they complete the mission. This daydreaming rehearsal victory method has an immediate effect.
04 Take advantage of the strengths of the law to eliminate children's inferiority, to be good at discovering their strengths and advantages, and to provide them with opportunities and conditions to develop their strengths, which is also the key to helping children overcome their inferiority.
05 Savings Success In order to eliminate the child's inferiority, in order to enable him to live in a successful experience, the effective way is to guide him to establish a successful file, and record every little success and progress.
06 The shadow of the failure of scrubbing is a hotbed of inferiority. The shadow of failure in timely washing is an important means to overcome inferiority and maintain self-confidence. There are two common ways to wash shadows: one is that parents should help children to think of failure as learning.
07 Reverse comparison method For children who are \"small and long-haired, short-sighted\
08 Reducing the Pursuit of Law For the children who are advancing, it is better to let these children appropriately lower their pursuits and let the big goals be broken down into several small goals. The goal becomes small and specific, and it is easy to achieve, so that the children will