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How to overcome intensive phobia 4 strokes help you alleviate the intensive fear

01 Exposure therapy is to force the patient to accept the things that cause him to horrify. Before the patient is suddenly exposed to the fearful thing, his psychological stimulation is greatly stimulated. If successful, the patient will establish a new understanding of the impression of fear, and it is not necessary to understand the fear.
02 Beautify the law of things should have such an idea in the heart: the ugly thing may be very kind, not good, think in a good direction, and motivate yourself, as long as you can overcome it, you can get bigger
03 Morita Therapy Morita Therapy's basic treatment principle is to “go with nature.” Naturally, it is the objective principle of accepting kimonos to engage in the operation of objects. It can eventually break the mental interaction of neurotic patients.
04 Don't worry too much about your nervousness. There is always a series of physical discomforts. According to the theory of reinforcement, if we are too concerned about the nervous reaction in some parts of our body when it is nervous, it is equivalent to strengthening our own nervous behavior.