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How to overcome shyness

01 To evaluate yourself correctly: don't be self-respecting and self-respecting; don't blindly humble yourself, always think that others can't look down on themselves, and don't dare to actively communicate with others in order to maintain self-esteem. The former should learn to respect others, the latter should have confidence. In short
02 Learn to talk about your thoughts and feelings: Do not suppress bad feelings such as dissatisfaction, pain, trouble, anxiety, etc., so that psychological conflicts are difficult to solve for a long time. This may not only seriously damage the physical and mental health, but also deepen the degree of introversion.
03 Try to make yourself look approachable: You will be close to someone with a bad face or low head. Not too much. Look down at the shoes and no one wants to approach you – it will always make you feel proud.
04 Don't rush to seek success: especially when you start to exercise yourself, don't expect too much. The one-step thing does not exist. Constantly telling yourself that you are a loser, in fact, you will experience the joy of self-satisfaction in failure. Try slowly