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Teach you how to treat psychological trauma

01 Investigating past scars First of all, we should learn not to point our fingers at others, thinking that others are harming us into today's situation. The first step in spiritual healing is to “self-examine” and understand that it happened during the growth process.
02 When you understand the three types of self-defense interpersonal interactions, there are three types of self-defense, understand these three types, analyze which one you belong to, and then clearly know where the problem lies. The first is “please
03 Write Emotional Diary can better understand that in addition to understanding the basic psychological defense methods mentioned above, we can also read more books, listen to interpersonal and psychological speeches, and use emotional diary and lifeline analysis to gain a deeper understanding of our emotions and
04 Using the lifeline to trace back the sad or happy events in the memory and the past family history, you can do lifeline analysis or psychological history analysis. The method is as follows. Draw a horizontal line on the paper, the left end is zero years old, the right end is the current one.
05 Finding a safe person to keep secrets Emotionally or empirically is far better than learning only in terms of knowledge. When you are looking back, it is better to have a safe person beside you. This person knows you well.