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Psychological stress conference causes disease How to relieve psychological stress

01 Symptom 1: Cold If you feel exhausted and sore throat for several weeks, it is likely that the pressure weakens the immune system and makes the bacteria more likely to invade the body and cause respiratory illness.
02 Symptom 2: Headache tension is the main source of migraine. Usually one in 10 women suffers from different degrees of migraine, but only half of people with migraine actively seek treatment. The cause of migraine
03 Symptom 3: Insomnia Insomnia is always aggravated by the increase of stress and burden. Other women are most likely to suffer from insomnia during the physiological cycle. The usual condition is: sleepiness during ovulation, how to ovulate after ovulation
04 Time Forgetting Method Some people have said that time is the best antidote. When we have emotional problems and psychological pressures, we will forget the past and the unpleasant moments and correct our own cognitive attitudes as time goes by.
05 Music Relaxation Music Psychotherapy has long pointed out that music and sound can affect our emotions. Other people's praise, accusation, and discussion will affect your mentality. Beautiful light music can adjust our emotional and psychological pressure.
06 Self-confidence motivation The psychological suggestion is so big that you can't imagine it. Encourage yourself and make yourself more confident and cheering up. As long as you believe that you are the best and most dependent, you can do everything.
07 I want to cry and cry. Medical psychologists believe that crying can relieve stress. Psychologists have measured blood pressure in some adults. As a result, 87% of people with normal blood pressure say they occasionally cry, and those with high blood pressure are big.
08 Watching horror films Some experts in the UK suggest that people feel pressured by their work because of their sense of responsibility for their work. At this time they need encouragement and spirit. So instead of overcoming stress by relaxing skills, it is better to motivate yourself.
09 Self-deprecation This is a psychological defense mechanism that is good for both physical and mental health. When your career, love, and marriage are not satisfactory, when you are annoyed by personal attacks or unfair evaluations, you are suffering from physical defects.