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What are the methods of increasing fertility?

01 Food fattening: Choose food types: Food selection is exquisite, generally speaking, there is a principle, that is, high fat, high calorie, high protein (referred to as "three high"). In fact, you don't have to worry that eating these three heights will cause the "three heights" in the usual sense. As long as you have a good command of the degree, there is no problem at all. So which foods have these three functions? Generally speaking, there are full-fat milk, meat, poultry, eggs, nuts and chocolate, snacks and other high-calorie things. (In fact, there is a more effective way to ask your friends who like to lose weight, what they are most afraid of eating, you eat what.)
02_Choose the time to eat: In fact, the choice of time to eat is also very particular for weight gain. Generally speaking, it's easier to eat more at night than to eat more moderately. Because we usually don't exercise after dinner in the evening, just lie down in bed and let the body absorb these nutrients as much as possible, because there is no energy lost by exercise at this time. So people tend to be fat.
03 Number of choices to eat: Normally three meals a day, but for the special purpose of gaining weight, we can change our habits, that is, four or five or even six meals a day (it is necessary to make some sacrifices in order to achieve the goal). And we should concentrate on eating in the afternoon and evening, the effect is the best.
04_Choose the way to eat: the way to eat is more diverse, fried and fried everything. For snacks, we can choose to eat alone, mix, walk, lie down, play with eating.... Let's play your fantastic idea, in a word - eat, but we are not eating, we are purposeful eating, pursuing eating, is an idealistic eating.