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Symptoms of depression!

Depression seriously harms the normal life and learning of patients. It is imperative to treat depression. It is not a blind treatment for depression. It is best to treat under the guidance of a doctor and strive for a quick recovery.
Sleep Disorder: There is a difference in sleep between patients with neurasthenia. Most people with depression usually go to sleep without difficulty, but wake up after a few hours, wake up and stay in a state of rest, and then sleepless all night. Even such patients
Physical discomfort: Patients often have symptoms of physical discomfort. Patients often feel pain and fatigue in all parts of the body, as well as the urgency of the throat and chest, as well as palpitations and shortness of breath. It is accompanied by flatulence, indigestion, and constipation.
Slow response, memory loss, etc.: The patient lacks motivation in work and study. The previously competent work is now uncomfortable. Language action is reduced and delayed: Depressed patients do not like to interact with others, and the language is slow and reduced.
Patients should put down heavy work and go outdoors to relax. Improve diet, vitamins and nutrition.