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Six ways to prevent depression, keep you in good mood every day

01 Actively participate in various practical activities Exercise yourself, improve psychological endurance, and enrich experience to promote mental health. Prevention of depression should also strengthen physical exercise, enhance willpower, cultivate good living habits, and enrich amateur cultural life.
02 Reasonable diet Pay attention to your eating habits, ensure comprehensive nutrition, enhance physical fitness, which will have a strong protective effect on your body.
03 Enhance self-psychological adjustment Self-psychological adjustment includes adjusting cognitive structure, improving self-awareness, shaping a healthy personality, preventing depression, learning emotional control, improving adaptability, and mastering self-regulation methods, such as writing diaries, talking, and exercising.
04 Singing therapy You can go to the karaoke hall with your friends, loudly and unrestrainedly singing, releasing the suffocation in your chest, and greatly improving your emotions and releasing pressure.
05 Doing meaningful things to do meaningful things can make people maintain a healthy and happy mood. Try to do three things every day. It doesn't matter the size, even if it is a smile or a dish, as long as it is meaningful.
06 Broaden your horizons and cultivate your interest in reading and enrich your spiritual life. You can also browse the web pages you are interested in, listen to the radio in your free time, and learn about the daily news in the world. Try to prevent the negative and negative emotions from encroaching on yourself.