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The more you eat, the more depressed you are.

01 Depression can not eat processed foods and sweets. Studies have found that eating too much cooked food and high-fat foods may increase the incidence of depression. These foods include hamburgers, French fries, fried chicken, etc.
02 Alcohol must not be contacted, because excessive drinking will make people more depressed, in addition, drinking will also curb appetite and cause malnutrition, which will aggravate the condition of depression.
03 People with depression can't eat foods and beverages with high levels of tyrosine. The tyrosine in food can aggravate the condition of depression. A large amount of food can directly cause depression. These foods mainly include cheese, soy sauce, yeast.
04 Children with depression can't drink tea and drink coffee. Too much caffeine can aggravate depression. Tea, cola and coffee all aggravate the symptoms of insomnia in patients with depression, so patients with depression should not sleep before going to bed.