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How to correctly face depression patients

The minds of people with depression are mostly sensitive and fragile, so our attitude towards them may cause some subtle changes in their psychology. It is also very important to judge patients with depression. The general depression patients are afraid to communicate with others.
First: This is also the most basic one, that is, it can't discriminate against people with depression. Depression is just like a normal cold. We have to give them full understanding and respect and let them feel the world.
Second: Communicate with them. Be careful not to talk about their sensitive and fragile nerves. Please praise them and encourage them. Listen carefully to every word they say. Because listening is the best.
Third: Don't treat them as patients. Communicate with them normally. You can take them to normal social activities and do physical exercises with them. If you look at them as patients, take care of them everywhere, but they will feel them.
Getting along with people with depression is a matter of learning. We must take a degree. Take care of their self-esteem while not being able to touch their bottom line. As long as we give them enough care and understanding, they give them the greatest help.