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Melancholy, get rid of the square

01 Rereading the letter and reading the letter of the old person again, sometimes you can't help but feel excited, tears burst out. If you don't have to suppress it in this situation, you can take a deep breath several times. After the emotion is calm, read the contents of the letter repeatedly.
02 Revisit the old place Missing the days with the old people, can make the mood indulge in the past. Revisiting the old place can trigger the association, recall the scene when you are with the old people, and thus enjoy the happy time.
03 Expressing emotions with words Text is a good tool for expressing emotions. Even if the person who is concerned cannot receive the information, the author feels the feeling of release at the moment of nostalgia.
04 If the reason for painting is melancholy is because of mourning the parents, then you can use pens to paint their kind faces, don't care about likes and dislikes, as long as you concentrate on painting, you feel like you spend the festive season with them, thus eliminating the lack of them.
05 Listening to music Music can cultivate temperament and make the mood calm. If you are in a bad mood, you should listen to your favorite music, whether it is pop songs, orchestral music, or traditional songs. The most important thing is to touch the mind, throw away troubles and balance your mood.
06 Homemade bookmarks and hand-made bookmarks can help to concentrate, send out sullen sorrows, and show your mind through selected books or patterns. For example, parents are concerned, they can think about their teaching and match the pictures with text.
07 Watching the natural scene When you feel helpless and depressed, try to be alone in nature, listen to the sounds of nature, experience the natural changes, and experience the smallness of human beings. The fact that life is different from the transformation of nature is a recurring fact.