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5 teach you to resolve depression

01 Participate in outdoor exercise, especially in the morning period. Many people with depression have slow, sluggish, and lazy conditions. In the long run, this condition not only seriously impairs the body function, but also aggravates the negative and negative emotions of patients with depression. Morning exercise can be sufficient.
02 More outings to shut yourself down at home and avoid contact with people is a common manifestation of depression patients, and this is where they need to change first. People with depression often show signs of depression, low self-evaluation, and inferiority to others.
03 Reading books Open book is useful. Read more books on psychology, philosophy, including Taoism and Buddhism, which can enhance our wisdom and let us have a deeper understanding of life and transcend the limitations of the past.
04 Meditation meditation is a good behavior of body and mind practice. Now it has been widely used in psychotherapy and spiritual growth activities. Meditation can reduce tension, anxiety, depression and other emotions. Regular practice of meditation will enhance consciousness.
05 Organizing and feeling depression patients are more likely to be immersed in their negative feelings. Although they sometimes think that their thoughts or emotions are unreasonable at their level of understanding, they are still unable to get rid of them. They can feel their own feelings.