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What do schizophrenia patients eat?

01 Eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid free tonic, such as ginseng, velvet. Early schizophrenia may have oxidative stress and cell damage, fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C, can prevent neuronal oxidative damage. Fruits and vegetables
02 Eat more seafood, taboo to patients with high-calorie foods, such as dog meat, venison, etc. Many people believe that mental patients can not eat fish and other seafood, eating will cause the disease to relapse or fluctuate. In fact, this is a kind
03 Eat more dairy products, patients try not to eat excitatory foods, such as coffee, tobacco, alcohol. Dairy products are rich in high-quality protein, less fat, milk nutrition is complete, is protein, calcium, vitamin A, B2, B6, Nick
04 Eat less high-calorie foods such as fat and sugar. Clean and digestible foods, such as soft rice, eat greasy, spicy, cold and hard food, eat less fat and high-sugar food.