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What to pay attention to in the treatment of schizophre

01 The room is not quiet. The noisy and noisy living environment will only make the patient's condition worse. Therefore, after the patient gets sick, the family should give sympathy, arrange a quiet and comfortable environment, or send the patient to a quiet rural area for treatment.
02 Avoid sneaking up the medicine. Some patients have suicidal thoughts, quietly accumulate medicines such as sleeping pills, and then swallow them at one time, causing suicide. Therefore, family members should monitor their actions and should properly treat the drugs.
03 Avoid watching thrilling, murderous, tragic novels, pictorials, comic strips, television, movies, etc., so as not to increase the patient's stimulation and aggravate the patient's condition.
04 Avoid treatment after recovery, once again into the environment that originally induced disease. Some patients with schizophrenia are caused by the abuse of stepfather and stepmother, and the disease is induced by discrimination. After treatment, the environment should be changed to avoid recurrence.
05 Avoid drinking alcohol. Tobacco and alcohol are irritating and should be taboo for patients with schizophrenia.
06 Avoid going out alone. Patients with schizophrenia have a certain risk of going out alone, should be avoided, and the family members are closely guarded.
07 Avoid playing with sporting goods such as sword sticks, so as to avoid the patient's loss and cause accidents.
08 Avoid practicing qigong. Most patients have qigong deviation (the qigong deviation) (inappropriate practice \"fire\