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How to find schizophren

01 1. Everyone thinks that this person is mentally disordered, and the patient firmly denies the disease. Generally speaking, if people have physical and psychological discomfort, such as headache, fever, anxiety, fear, insomnia, etc., they all have self-knowledge and take the initiative to ask.
02 II. Psychic symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions, and weird behaviors. The patient's condition develops, often with hallucinations, delusions, and bizarre behaviors. These three psychiatric symptoms are characterized by the presence of virginity, ignorance, and reality. The hallucinations are nothing.
03 3. There are obstacles in the form of thinking. The thought association process or reasoning logic of schizophrenia patients may be abnormal. The thinking is sloppy and the thinking is broken: the patient's language has no subject, people don't know what to say, the foreword does not linger, others