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How to make calcium in middle-aged and elderly people

01 1 First, let's distinguish between the various calcium products on the market. No matter what calcium, its ingredients can be divided into two types, organic acid calcium salt and inorganic acid calcium calcium salt. Organic acid calcium salt is what we usually say.
02 2 What is the difference between them? Organic calcium contains a relatively small amount of calcium, but it is beneficial to the digestion and absorption of the stomach. Inorganic calcium has a high calcium content, but it needs gastric acid to decompose, but middle-aged and old friends generally have less gastric acid secretion.
03 3 Therefore, middle-aged and old friends try to choose organic calcium products because it is more conducive to the absorption of the stomach and does not cause a great burden on the stomach. The main component contained in calcium gluconate is organic calcium, so middle-aged and old friends are choosing
04 In addition to supplementing some calcium products, middle-aged and old friends can also eat more foods with higher calcium content, such as soybeans, shrimp skin, milk, etc., which are good calcium supplements.