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Can the menstrual belt cover be in the same room?

01 1 Many couples will choose not to have a set during the menstrual period. They think that they will not be pregnant anyway. It is better not to have a set. In fact, this view is wrong. In order to achieve the highest level of pleasure in both sexes, it is recommended that both parties use
02 2 Although the condom is only thin and one layer, the barrier ability for bacteria and disease substances is very high, which can effectively control the infection effect on gynecological and male diseases, so pay attention to any physiological period at any time.
03 3 The use of condoms is not a hassle. For the safety and health of themselves and others, it is recommended that women use condoms. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the active care of personal hygiene during menstruation, and to alleviate the abnormalities caused by the lack of health.
04 There is a certain risk in the same room during menstruation, which will cause bacterial infection, but the use of condoms can greatly reduce the chance of this infection, and it is also helpful for all kinds of gynecological discomforts to ease the position.