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Can you get pregnant with genital warts?

01 1 suffering from condyloma acuminata is mainly caused by low body resistance and unclean sex. It occurs in the vulva part of the genital area and around the anus. There will be a lot of pinkish gray and grayish brown papules.
02 2 Do not have sex during illness. It is best to be isolated from healthy people. Do not go to some public swimming pool bathhouses. If there is no curative effect with drugs, you can use physical methods to treat them. You can use laser to irradiate them.
03 3 can also be cleaned with traditional Chinese medicine. You can use safflower, big green leaf, radix isatidis, and sage leaves to clean the affected area. Generally speaking, after cleaning for several days every day, it can be completely cured, and you can avoid the recurrence of wet warts.
04 During the illness, you must quit smoking and alcohol, do not eat some spicy and some hair, often smoking and drinking are very unhealthy for health, do not eat some seafood, fish and shrimp, beef and mutton are not good, eat more