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How can I alleviate depression in the elderly?

01 1 can often take the elderly out to walk, distract the heart, talk to the old man, do not let him have suicide, or negative emotions, you can also let them and his peers go to the old square, learn old-age dance and the like.
02 2 You can find an employment for the elderly to talk with, talk to them, keep them in good mood, take a walk in the morning, talk to them before going to bed, and tell them not to give the elderly too much dependence on drugs.
03 3 may wish to give the elderly some nutritious foods, such as celery, wormwood, tomatoes, radishes, oranges, grapefruit, citrus, toon, bergamot, etc. can alleviate the neurasthenia of the elderly. Pay attention to the nutritional balance of the elderly.
04 Don't rely too much on drugs, there may be side effects, exercise is the best way to help people relax and relieve stress. Patients should pay attention to adjusting their lives and improving their quality of life.