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The effect and function of Danpi

01 1Danpi This Chinese herbal medicine has a good preventive and therapeutic effect on women's dysmenorrhea. We can use Danshui soaked in water during normal life, or put a small amount of Dan in the process of soup.
02 2 If in the life, some wounds are difficult to heal due to trauma, we can use some mashed danpiping to apply to the affected area, which can speed up the cell division and growth, and make the wound heal quickly.
03 3 If you have a fever caused by a cold in your life, this time we can use some Danpi to soak in water. Danpi can help the body to heat up, and it can play a good role in cooling the blood. If we are in life, we will
04 We must learn to live a scientific and healthy life in our lives. We must do a good job in prevention and health care so that we can ensure good physical health. Otherwise, the body will not only be affected, but also cause various diseases.