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Chinese medicine treatment of myopia

01 1 Chinese medicine treatment of myopia is mainly based on the general condition, using traditional Chinese medicine to conduct syndrome differentiation and treatment, better regulate our liver and kidney, better regulate the internal organs, in the role of regulating vision, there is more far-reaching significance.
02 2 In addition to traditional Chinese medicine methods for the treatment of myopia, we can also correct by wearing glasses, and in the process of correcting vision, we must correct some of our bad habits, such as not being able to kneel on the table.
03 3 must develop a good sitting posture, can help young people to better prevent myopia, and usually pay attention to not use excessive eyes, eyes must get better rest time, prevent excessive eye fatigue, if the eyes feel tired
04 Usually, we can do some eye exercises to relieve the fatigue of our eyes, and we can't watch TV too late at night, and we can't work under strong light for a long time.