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Woman stroking the skills of a man's little brother

01 1 First, when women are doing some comfort work for the male penis, don't go straight to the subject first, and open the door to soothe the younger brother of the male. The female friend can use his own hand to touch the male younger brother, etc.
02 2 After the female and other men stand up, the hand can gently touch the male younger brother from time to time, from the beginning to the end, then the woman can slowly pull the male younger brother, pulling a few times
03 3 You can put the male testicles in your hands by hand, then use your mouth to hold it, slowly moisturize it, and when it is completely wet, suck the male glans with your mouth and gently use your teeth.
04 What women should remember is that you should never marry a younger brother, otherwise it is prone to premature ejaculation.