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What is the reason why girls lose hair?

01 1 Reason 1: The main components of malnutrition hair are protein and iron. Vegetarian or dieting often makes the hair follicles unable to get sufficient nutrient supply, especially before and after the physiological period of each month, there will be more nutrient loss, and more needs to be doubled.
02 2 Reason 2: Improper cleaning The most direct cause of hair loss is that the hair follicles are blocked, and the excessive secretion of scalp oil, the accumulation of modeling products and dust will hinder the metabolism of hair follicles, triggering the crisis of hair loss and hair loss.
03 3 Reason 3: Stress and fatigue Excessive physical or mental stress or fatigue can cause many systems such as endogenous hormones and immune system to be out of tune. Some people may even have partial hair loss in the local area. Women with higher work intensity are prone to this problem.