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Does senile depression affect memory loss?

01 1 Depression can affect memory loss. It must be treated promptly after depression. Usually you can take some anti-depressant drugs, which can control the disease to prevent the disease from getting worse. You can also go to Chinese medicine to open some
02 2 patients should choose to go to a regular hospital, because the medical conditions there are better, it will be a guarantee for themselves, usually let the patients earn more money to exercise, to improve the body's immunity, pay attention to rest
03 3 Usually, the family should give the patient a docking, psychological counseling, or communication with the heart. Be sure to spend more time with the patient. If the patient with depression does not communicate more, the condition will be aggravated. Usually, pay attention.
04 Must choose to go to a regular hospital for treatment. Usually, you should develop the habit of going to bed early and getting up early, and develop a good schedule. You should pay attention to eating more coarse grains, or really want to digest food.